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Rob Crosby

Writing "Concrete Angel" with Stephanie Bentley was a magical, emotional experience. As much as we were moved by the song as we wrote it, I wondered if anyone would record such a sad and heavy song. When I heard Stephanie's brilliant vocal performance on the demo she recorded, I felt totally confident in taking it to RCA Records, where Martina McBride eventually recorded it.

Stephanie is an incredible singer, songwriter, and most of all, person. She treasures and cares for her kids, adores her husband, and loves and supports her friends. She is hard-headed, tender-hearted, stubborn, giving, down-home and elegant. She can pull a melody and a lyric out of thin air and weave together songs like "Breathe", "Concrete Angel", "I Can't Shake You" and "Lullaby", and then sing them like nobody else in the world.

Keith Follese

Not only is Steph an amazing human and one of my best friends, she is a very gifted songwriter. But you can't think of Steph without thinking of her voice. Truly one of the best singers ever and an inspiration to all the singers in this town

Rivers Rutherford

Stephanie Bentley is full of surprises. People who know her as a singer are surprised to learn she is an amazing writer, while a new cowriter is surprised to find she sings like a bird. And those who have only heard her distinctive, amazing voice or her insightful, heartfelt songs are surprised to find that she is very easy on the eyes as well!

Jamie O'Neal

Stephanie Bentley is at the top of my list of ALLTIME favorite singers. She sings with soul, with honesty and just moves me everytime. When we write together I always love our songs, not just because she's such an incredible writer but because her love of life is infectious and she's just so much dang fun to hang out with!